You can buy Beat Skillz’s Synthwave Keys (usually $ 79) for just $ 9 at 88% off.


Synthwave Instrument, BeatSkillz “Synthwave Keys” (normally $79), is 88% off for just $9.

Synthwave Keys

Keys is a collection of 100 amazing presets sampled from a variety of analog synthesizers with legendary effects and outboard gear.

It brings a rich and unique “analog” quality that sets it apart from other virtual emulations of real synthesizers.

There are 100 presets available. As follows.

Contains 10 bass presets, 4 Bell presets, 8 brass presets, 10 fx presets, 9 leads Presets, 7 Pads Presets, 6 Perc Presets, 11 Plucks, 14 Solo Presets, 6 Sweeps and 10 Synths.

The sound set is inspired by the sounds of Kavinsky, The Midnight, Com Truise, Mitch Murder, Dynatron and Time Cop.

The price is $9, compared to the usual price of $79.

Synthwave Keys

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