80’s horror sound source, Beat Skillz “Dark KZ” (regular $39) ,is 75% off and only $9


The 80s horror sound source, BeatSkillz “Dark KZ” (regular $39), is 75% off and only $9.

Dark KZ

Features 50 professionally crafted presets to get you the amazing soundtrack sounds inspired from the 80s.

Includes Pads, Choir, Leads, Drums, Fx, Basses, Atmospheres and otherworldly sounds!

Sounds inspired by the works of John Carpenter, Jerry Goldsmith, Jan Hammer, Harold Faltermeyer and others.

Meticulously sampled and designed from the ground up using Oberheim, Sequential, EMU, Akai Moog and other synths and samplers.

Treated with legendary outboard effects, EQ, compression and saturation to inspire you instantly. 

  • Attack – Controls the Attack of the Amp Envelope.
  • Release – Controls the Release of the Amp Envelope
  • LP/HP Filter – Choose either a Low Pass or High Pass Filter and control the cutoff frequency.
  • Reverb – Add reverb to the Sound Patches with this control.

Regular price $39 on sale for only $9.

Dark KZ

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