Compressor Plug-in, Resonance Sound’s CFA Sound GRIP Valve Drive Compressor is 80% off


The Resonance Sound CFA Sound GRIP Valve Drive Compressor, a compressor plug-in, is 80% off.


The brand new GRIP valve drive compressor by CFA-Sound is a powerful dynamic processor, which delivers compression with character.

The hybrid design features an accurate emulation of legendary german vintage tubes of the 1960s and a modern VCA compressor workhorse.

Together they create a powerful fusion of both worlds – vintage and modern at once.

  • Valve Drive Emulation of German Vintage Tubes
  • Including Triode and Pentode Drive Mode
  • VCA Compressor Model
  • Versatile use by Mix Control for Valve Drive and Compressor
  • Intuitive Design and Workflow
  • 2x Oversampling for Aliasing-Free Sound
  • CPU Friendly

Regular price $33.95 on sale for only $7.

CFA Sound GRIP Valve Drive Compressor