Multi-Band Compressor Plug-in, W.A Production “The King 2” is 90% off


Multi-band compressor plug-in, W.A Production “The King 2” is 90% off.

W.A Production “The King 2”

Dynamically Enhanced Multi-Band Compression Plugin designed for Mastering.

Went above and beyond and rather than give you the standard 3 band EQ, they put 5 EQ controls at your fingertips.

Now you have more control to master your mix. You can customize.

  • 5-band threshold knob
  • 5-band make-up gain knob
  • Input/output gain
  • Upward compression knob and downward compression knob
  • release time knob
  • Knobs for the entire plug-in mix
  • Magic EQ with three different shapes/curves and a built-in limiter

New features in version 2.0.0

  • New GUI
  • Preset Manager
  • Catarina compatible
  • Protools/ AAX support
  • Minor bug fixes

Regular price $95.27 on sale for only $9.07.

W.A Production “The King 2”

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