Quiet and gentle clarinet sound library, KLANG “SYMPHONIC: Black Wood Flow” is now available for free


KLANG “SYMPHONIC: Black Wood Flow”, a quiet and gentle clarinet source library, is now available for free.

SYMPHONIC: Black Wood Flow

KLANG’s SYMPHONIC range consists of orchestral instruments like violins, flutes, french horns and other instruments.

KLANG tried to capture recordings of these familiar instruments from rather different perspectives, like playing with special and uncommon articulations or sending through various modular effects and much more.

The aim with this instrument was, to create a very soft, silent and gentle clarinet sound.

KLANG recorded it, and called it Black Wood Flow and put it into the KLANG Engine. A very pure and flowing sound.

 The full version of Kontakt 5.6.8 or later is required to run this software.

SYMPHONIC: Black Wood Flow

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