Vocal separation software, AudioSourceRE “DeMIX Pro” for $50 off


Vocal separation software, AudioSourceRE “DeMIX Pro” for $50 off.


DeMIX Pro combines cutting-edge sound isolation algorithms with an advanced spectral audio editor to provide audio engineers, producers, DJs, and Musicians unrivaled freedom to create isolated vocals, drums and other instruments from existing mixes.

Ideal for high-quality vocal separation, instrumental creation, and production quality sampling.

  • Vocal, Drum & Pan-based separators
  • Customizable separation algorithms
  • Advanced Spectral Editing
  • Separate, refine, mix and merge unlimited tracks
  • Multi-channel mixer for quick & easy remixing
  • Melody Selection/Editing Tools
  • Non-destructive separations and editing
  • Fast & secure Cloud-based processing
  • Supports up to 24bit 192kHz audio

Regular price $599 on sale for only $549.