Cinematique Instruments is having a Holiday Sale. 30% off all sound libraries


Cinematique Instruments is having a Holiday Sale. 30% off all sound libraries.

Zilhouette Strings

It includes 7 violins, 2 viola, 7 cellos and 2 basses in total.

The musicians we recorded are german-known session and live orchestra musicians. All content was recorded in several recording sessions in our own recording rooms in a close and intimate distance to the instrument in a solo as well as in a trio situation.

We have used condenser mics such as Neumann U-87 and TLM 103, Schoeps MK4 as well as dynamic mics such as Sennheiser MD421, AKG D112 among others.

The full version of Kontakt 4 or higher is required.

Regular price $133.17 on sale for only $93.22.

Zilhouette Strings

Deconstructed Piano

This is a sound source of deconstructed piano, which is completely different from ordinary piano sound sources.

Kontakt 4 full version or higher is required

Regular price $75.06 on sale for only $52.54.

Deconstructed Piano

Ensemblia2 Percussive

It contains excellent sample content for over 200 instruments, ranging from orchestral, world percussion, regular drum sounds, domestic sounds, glitch sounds, and electronic sounds. It is quite high quality.

The full or Player version of Kontakt are required 

Regular price $223.98 on sale for only $156.78.

Ensemblia2 Percussive


By coming up with two parallel sound slots equipped with an “open” sequencer, real-time sound shaping and loads of acoustic and synthetic sound sources MARBLE tries to find new approaches to music production.

MARBLE covers a wide range of musical components and offers an enormous number of possibilities and options. About 900 presets are surely demonstrating that. You have single sounds, tonal textures, rhythmical figures, drum beats, ambient patterns, moving spheres, percussion loops etc. There are endless ways you can use MARBLE.

Marble requires the full version of Kontakt 5.3 or higher.

Regular price $181.6 on sale for only $127.12.


And other high quality libraries at great prices.

Cinematique Instruments Holiday Sale