Karanyi Sounds is having a Holiday Sale. 50% off the “Karanyi Collection 7” bundle of 7 instruments


Karanyi Sounds is having a Holiday Sale.

50% off the “Karanyi Collection 7” bundle of 7 instruments.

Karanyi Collection 7

Synths Ⅰ DX

This is a synth sound library featuring the 80s. The following synths have been sampled.

  • MOOG SUB 37

3.6 GB of samples are provided, and there are more than 60 presets.

Synths II Abyss

This sound source contains four different analog synthesizer waveforms, including moog minitaur and Oberheim Matrix 1000. The hardware texture has been reproduced at a high level. The three-dimensional feel is amazing.

Contains four different synthesizers.

  • Oberheim Matrix 6
  • Oberheim Matrix 1000
  • Moog Minitaur
  • Moog Sub37

Many outboards such as Neve and Lexicon were used to create the sound. It was recorded using a Universal Audio Apollo 8p. Capacity is 4.6 GB (9.2 GB uncompressed).

More than 230 presets are available.

Synths III Polyscape

90 different sounds including Pads & Soundscapes, Strings & Sweeps, Keys & Vintage Stuff, and more. Includes 9 different synthesizers.

KarayniSounds handcrafted and recorded some amazing 80s – 90s vintage instrument patches from Sequential Circuits Prophet, Nord Lead 2x, Oberheim OB32 Organ Module, Matrix 1000 & Matrix 6 and modern instruments like Moog Subsequent 37, Dave Smith OB6 and Sequential Circuits REV2.

  • 9 Analogue Synth Sources
  • 130 Presets for film, ambient & electronic music
  • 24Bit/48KHz Quality
  • 2.8 GB of Content
  • Recorded with UAD Apollo AD converters

Vapor Keys

This is a collection of FM Electric Piano sample library. If you listen to this sound, it’s 80s/90s all at once.

Authentic classical instrument algorithms and FM (YAMAHA DX7/TX81z) and modern wavetables (Arturia MicroFreak) are recorded using Eventide reverb units and tape machines.


Continuo is a complex-sounding cinematic texture designer tool based on electric guitars for creating endless pads, unusual soundscapes, characteristic atmospheres and experimental sublayers especially for film, video game and electronic music.

All slots feature four EQs, a vintage effects slow-less-three rotator and classic phaser, and a Lexicon-style reverb.

The master section features an SSL-style channel EQ, glue compressor and master limiter.

Continuo 2 Pro

Follows the concept of its ancestor with a fresh new look, exciting features on a super intuitive interface.

Based on exceptional quality piano recordings, analog synths and various sound design tools.

  • 500 Pulse Instruments for instant playability
  • A massive array of content
  • 40GB including analog synths, digital synths and organic instruments
  • Up to 4 separate pulses at one time
  • All pulses lock to tempo
  • Rhythms: Looper, Step Sequencers, Arpeggiators, LFOs
  • 4 central MACRO sliders unique to each of the 500 Pulse Instruments

Budapest Abstract Marimba

Contemporary sounding Budapest Marimba designed for creating fast sequences and inspiring tremolo beds for contemporary sound production.

Unlike traditional marimba libraries, Karanyi focused on transient rich, bright sounds and they also added some synth and ambience sublayers to fit in any genres from electronic, jazz to film score.

Required full version of Kontakt 5.8.1.

Regular price $360 on sale for only $148.99.

Karanyi Collection 7

They are also available for individual purchase and are also on Holiday Sale.

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