Segment Multiplexer, Glitchmachines “Cataract” is 85% OFF


Segment Multiplexer, Glitchmachines “Cataract” is 85% OFF.


It is a plug-in that reads a sample and creates sounds with an LFO, filter, step sequencer, etc.

Operate up to 4 samples at the same time. Not only can you process the built-in waveforms (400 types), but you can also load your own samples. Over 180 presets are available.

  • 2 Versatile Scanner Modules
  • Mod & Scan Step Sequencers
  • 2 LFOs per Scanner
  • X-MOD Morphing LFO
  • Multi-Mode Filter & Delay FX
  • Extensive Randomization Tools
  • Switching Color-Coded UI
  • 180+ Presets & 400+ Samples

Regular price $69 on sale for only $10.


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