Plug-in that adds warmth to any sound, Initial Audio “Boost X” is 81% OFF


Plug-in that adds warmth to any sound, Initial Audio “Boost X” is 81% OFF.

Boost X

Boost X is a dynamic and smart Saturation/Overdrive plugin. Used to make any sound warmer by adding extra harmonics.

Many other Saturation/Overdrive plugins use a static (stateless) algorithm that doesn’t change depending on the audio passed through.

These effects rely on a gain boost, when the audio hits a certain threshold then Saturation is applied.

They are either on or off and the amount of saturation is heavily dependent on the loudness of the audio passed into them.

Boost X is different, it reacts to the input audio and applies the perfect amount of saturation at the current loudness.

This means even quiet sounds can be overdriven without any gain in loudness.

Boost-X also compensates for perceived loudness, bringing the loudness down even further so you get nice rich harmonics added to your sound, without destroying the balance of your mix.

  • Dynamic saturation – Stateful saturation which dynamically responds to the input signal.
  • 16 times Oversampling – For maximum aliasing repression and highest quality sound.
  • 7 Saturation types.
  • Large amount knob for fine control.
  • High definition resizable GUI.

Regular price $79 on sale for only $15.

Boost X

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