MIDI melody creator plugin, EVAbeat “Melody Sauce” is 35% OFF


MIDI melody creator plugin, EVAbeat “Melody Sauce” is 35% OFF.

Melody Sauce

Melody Sauce is a midi melody creator plugin.

It’s for any producer who struggles to come up with instrumental melody ideas, needs some melodic inspiration, or wants to speed up their workflow with an unlimited supply of instant melodies created for you at the click of a button.

Whether you’re working on a Trap beat or an EDM banger, Melody Sauce’s simple interface helps you easily create catchy, versatile melodies and toplines, which you can use straight out of the box or as musical starting points to spark your creativity.

It’s the perfect tool for getting you started on your next project or overcoming beat-block.

Melody Sauce creates MIDI melodies, simply connect it to any of your favourite software instruments in your DAW to create melodies “on the fly”.

Melody Sauce’s midi-drag-and-drop features also allows you to work on the melodies inside your DAW.

Simple Controls

Guide the output with Melody Sauce’s simple controls to create exactly the types of melody you need. Set the key and octave, along with the basic rhythmic feel you need via on/off controls for Swing, Triplet and Syncopation.

Mood and Complexity

Creating melodies couldn’t be simpler via the central creator pads.


Instantly export midi clips for melodies you’ve created by dragging them from Melody Bank straight to your DAW.


Instantly swap the notes of a melody with some new notes whilst keeping the same rhythm. You can also swap between new Light and Dark notes.


The Harmonize buttons allow you to instantly add simple 2-part harmonies to the melodies you’ve created. Choose between Low, Mid and High harmonies.

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Melody Sauce