Powerful full-range EQ, Harrison “AVA Mastering EQ” is 89% OFF


Powerful full-range EQ, Harrison “AVA Mastering EQ” is 89% OFF.

AVA Mastering EQ

The AVA Mastering EQ is explicitly designed for the task of mastering your mixes.

When 2 adjacent bands of the AVA-MtE are adjusted, the resultant curve is “flat” across the band edges, rather than discrete humps and valleys.

The resulting curves are perfectly suited for the broad, musical changes needed for final tone-control while retaining the harmonic balance between the elements of your mix.

Managing a powerful full-range EQ has never been so fast and easy. The results are quintessentially “Harrison”: effortless, smooth and transparent.

The AVA-ME is most easily controlled by clicking and dragging the mouse across the frequency spectrum.

Regular price $89 on sale for only $9.

AVA Mastering EQ

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