Retro delay with freeze, Soundtoys “PrimalTap” is 70% OFF


Retro delay with freeze, Soundtoys “PrimalTap” is 70% OFF.


Whether you’re looking for a studio delay that’s full of 80s character, or a performance tool that responds to knob tweaking with mind-bending sounds, PrimalTap is a must!

PrimalTap is an emulation and re-imagining of the unique sound and features of the Prime Time delay, a classic digital delay with some powerful performance and sound design capabilities.

Like the original hardware, PrimalTap is a hybrid of digital and analog sound – it packs a surprising amount of grit, vibe, and character for a digital delay.

In true Soundtoys fashion, we’ve also evolved and enhanced some of the unique features of the original hardware to give you even more control and creative possibilities.

  • Get vintage digital delay sounds inspired by the quirky Prime Time echo
  • Create complex delay effects and modulations with 2 independent delay taps
  • Create insane pitch jumps with the Multiply knob
  • Create everything from lush chorus to sci-fi warbles with the VCO section
  • Sample, loop and warp incoming audio using the unique Freeze control
  • Go beyond the original hardware with expanded memory and creative new features

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