[Black Friday Sale]Emulation of the iconic echo/delay unit, Pulsar Audio “Echorec” is 70% OFF


Emulation of the iconic echo/delay unit, Pulsar Audio “Echorec” is 70% OFF.


Binson Echorec is a delay plug-in that emulates the Binson Echorec used in the sounds of Pink Floyd, The Shadows, Jimmy Page, and many other bands in the 70s.

It features saturation, oscillation, and overdrive.

The modeling is very thorough, coming from three different units with different conditions.

  • Authentic tube sound
  • Accurate modeling of complex processes in Echorec disks, including magnetic saturation and hysteresis
  • Stereo drift
  • Creative pitch modulation, wah and flutter effects on delayed signals
  • Emulate three truly amazing aircraft from 50 years of vintage equipment
  • Color of delayed signal and off mode to reproduce grit without delay

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