Simple and exciting to use, Shout Audio “BOLD” is 30% OFF


Simple and exciting to use, Shout Audio “BOLD” is 30% OFF


Both simple and inspiring to use. With enough sounds and variety to produce a whole track.


Analogue and foley-inspired drum sounds. Four kits, each consisting of 24 samples.


One more foley kit and two beautiful string patches of easy-to-play one-finger chords.


A fan favourite. Three vocal one-shot kits with runs, adlibs, and more.


Eleven playable polyphonic synth and sample patches with arpeggios.


Can’t forget the low end with a synth and electric bass to fill out the bottom.

  • Lovingly built from over 350 handcrafted samples.
  • Over 600MB of content.
  • 24 presets from drums, bass, keys, fx, and vocals.
  • Built-in effects with drive, delay, reverb, and stereo width.

Free for Non-Profits

Shout Audio are committed to the education of young people, which is why their products are always free for non-profit organisations. If you are a non-profit in need of some Shout Audio software, simply get in touch at

Regular price $16.5 on sale for only $11.55.