A powerful visual analysis plugin with maximum precision, Excite Audio “VISION 4X” is up to 50% OFF


A powerful visual analysis plugin with maximum precision, Excite Audio “VISION 4X” is up to 50% OFF.


Get a deeper understanding of your sound than ever before with VISION 4X, a powerful visual analysis plugin with maximum precision.

Developed in partnership with electronic music trio NOISIA, VISION 4X gives you the insights you need to prepare your tracks ready for competition with today’s top mixes, and the clarity to make the right mixing decisions with confidence – however modest your setup.


  • 4 real-time, high-definition visual analysers
  • Customisable and resizeable layout
  • 10 Colour Maps designed for maximum information density
  • Customisable Frequency Range and dB Range for spectral analysis
  • Freeze Display and Zoom-In functionality provides even deeper visualisation
  • Focus the colour map on specific frequencies with Map Curve/Tone Bias
  • Sync the analysis timeframe to your DAW
  • 2 Display Modes – Continuous visualisation or Overlay for visualisation that loops a timeframe and redraws the analysis.
  • MIDI retriggering – Restarts the analysis whenever a MIDI signal is received
  • Information Bar shows pitch, note, dB and timing information on hover (A3 +7ct, -3.2db, bar 2.1.1)
  • Stereo/Left/Right/Mid/Side modes
  • Presets designed by Noisia
  • Help Text
  • M1 Native
  • Standalone mode


  • High definition visualiser designed with enhanced low-end resolution
  • 3 FFT sizes for Transient, Harmonic and All-round analysis
  • Freeze, Zoom, Scroll functionality
  • Customisable Frequency Range and db Range

Bar Graph

  • Reference curves made by Noisia (including average and maximum values)
  • Spectrum Highlight shows sustained and resonant frequencies
  • Adjustable Bar Number (from 4 bars to a Line graph)
  • Peak dB values with adjustable Peak Hold time.
  • Freeze, Zoom, Scroll functionality


  • Detailed waveform analysis
  • Frequency detection with pitch colour mapping
  • Overshoot highlighting above 0dB
  • VU and RMS meters

Phase Correlation Meter

  • Stereo width and phase alignment metering
  • Gain Highlight

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