Analog saturation processor, Softube “Harmonics” is 60% OFF


Analog saturation processor, Softube “Harmonics” is 60% OFF.


Saturation processor that can select 5 types of models (Solid, Transf, master, Tube, Modern).

Equipped with dynamic transient control technology, it can sharpen all elements of warm-up, split and mix.


  • Five genuinely different component-modelled distortion sounds
  • Revolutionary ‘Dynamic Transient Control’ technology
  • ‘Amount’ knob to control the amount of saturation
  • ‘Character’ knob controls tone or color of the distortion
  • High and low cut filters can be placed before or after distortion
  • Wet/dry blend knob for parallel processing
  • THD meter allows fine control of subtle saturation
  • All of the grunt, none of the drawbacks
  • Includes presets by Joe Chiccarelli and Howard Willing

Regular price $163.9 on sale for only $64.9.


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