88% off BeatSkillz ‘Tumbi-Tronik’, a stringed instrument from India


Indian stringed instruments, BeatSkillz “Tumbi-Tronik” is 88% off.


We sampled many different types of tumbis and tumbas.

The instruments were stereo mic’ed using AKG C414 microphones which ran through our Wunder Audio PEQ1R mic pre-amp eps (Neve Clones) and then through a Empirical Labs Distressors for the “cleanest” yet punchy signal path, capturing all the great “attack” and “harmonics” that the instruments can produce. All low level details and nuances were also carefully included in the sample to help reproduce maximum “realism”.

  • Features upto 8 round robin samples per key!
  • Full range playablility from C0-C4, beyond the natural range of the instrument, to truly adapt to your modern production

Regular price $79 on sale for only $9.


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