Noise Ash is having a Black Friday Sale. Up to 80% off the all-inclusive PALMARY COLLECTION bundle


Noise Ash is having a Black Friday Sale.The all-in-one bundle “PALMARY COLLECTION” has great savings, including up to 80% off.


PALMARY COLLECTION is a bundle of 10 types effect plug-ins.

  • SpeakerSim
  • Vocal Finalizer
  • Stereo Finalizer
  • Devastator
  • FrozenVerb
  • Action Filter
  • Action Phaser
  • Action Delay
  • Action Tremolo
  • Heater

Regular price $400.0 on sale for only $119.9.


Need 31102

Noise Ash “Need 31102” emulates the Neve 8068 console.

Emulates the legendary Neve 8068 console that has given us so many great songs. Recreates each detail and true vintage tone of the original unit.

Regular price $149.9 on sale for only $49.9.

Need 31102

Rule Tec All Collection

Legendary passive equalizers have long been a top choice of leading recording and mastering engineers since it was released in 1951. With tons of research and hard work; we are proud to present extremely accurate models of these legendary equalizer units, Rule Tec® Collection. Legendary tone is here with all of the legendary signature features including “Pultec EQ trick”.

The Rule Tec Collection is a passive EQ bundle that emulates the Pultec EQ. You can set the EQ to flat and still get tube saturation, so you get the benefit of analog, even if you just season it.

Regular price $399.9 on sale for only $99.9.

Rule Tec All Collection

There are other discounted items as well, so check it out.

Noise Ash Black Friday Sale