Rhythmic auto panner, Soundtoys “PanMan” is 77% OFF


Rhythmic auto panner, Soundtoys “PanMan” is 77% OFF.


Panning. You wouldn’t be alone if you thought of it as nothing more than the simple act of moving sounds from left to right and back again. But it can be so much more.

PanMan opens up a Pandora’s Box of panoramic possibilities. Recreate the sounds of classic hardware panning boxes.

Trigger panning with the dynamics of a track.

Create complex rhythmic patterns and dizzying sweeps.

With the full range of Soundtoys modulation tricks at your disposal, PanMan turns the simple act of panning into something incredibly creative and powerful.

  • Create custom auto panning effects, locked perfectly to your song’s tempo
  • Choose from 6 different panning modes including LFO, step and random
  • Recreates the clever “trigger divider” feature from the vintage PanScan hardware
  • Design your own rhythmic patterns and panning waveshapes
  • Set the threshold to let your music’s dynamics control speed, offset and width
  • Add vintage tone with 7 different analog emulation algorithms

Regular price $129 on sale for only $29.


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