Artificial Intelligence EQ plugin bundle with self-learning smart engine, sonible “frei:raum” is 50% OFF


Artificial Intelligence EQ plugin bundle with self-learning smart engine, sonible “frei:raum” is 50% OFF.

frei:raum EQ

This EQ plug-in for audio editing balances spaciousness and makes the postproduction of music and speech creative again.

As technicians and acousticians with an affinity for sound, we’ve long dreamed of entering a new dimension of EQing – a dimension that goes beyond today’s equalizing, one that leads to fun sessions in postproduction.

With our totally innovative plug-in, that dimension is finally here. Producers can look forward to the company of a new muse: the 3in1 audio plug-in called frei:raum.

When you open the user interface of the 7-band and linear-phase EQ, familiar arrangements guide you into an intuitive working mode. Behind the user-friendly interface, there’s a cleverly devised algorithm that works on three levels each focusing on a different segment of editing.

On these levels, new doors open to a space that provides you with completely new possibilities in terms of spectral balance, sound depth, and tonality.


The entropy:EQ simplifies the postproduction of impact noise as you know it, whether from drum beats, guitars, or other plucked instruments.

Even the intelligibility of voice can be effortlessly improved, by enhancing not the harmonic, but the noisy components of the sound.

This reminds listeners of a zoom-effect by which the speaker gets acoustically ‘closer’.


On the second level, you’ll find a tool that solves problems caused during recording, like, for example, microphone settings.


The smart:EQ owes its name to a special gift: its ability to learn. It recognizes disturbing resonances and phase cancellation, then offers you immediate, fully automatic solutions to improve single tracks or mixes.

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frei:raum EQ

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