Digital distortion plugins, Creative Intent “Tantrum” is 30% OFF


Digital distortion plugins, Creative Intent “Tantrum” is 30% OFF.


Tantrum is a new take on digital distortion plugins that uses unique phase distortion for a powerful, dynamic sound.

  • Two distinct distortion stages
  • Five classic wave shaping curves
  • Redesigned stereo phase modulation distortion
  • Split band processing for careful tone control
  • Reactive wave visualization
  • Interactive Particle XY Pad
  • (New in v1.1.1) Toggle between a dark and a light interface design
  • (New in v1.1.1) Over 40 artist presets

It is possible to create sounds from soft to hard distortion.

Five types of wave shaping are also included, allowing you to shape and control distorted sounds.

Regular price $49 on sale for only $34.


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